About Career Education

Mission Statement

The Akron Public Schools, with the Office of College & Career Services and the community, will provide all students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to meet a lifetime of career challenges in a competitive global society by recognizing and drawing upon the strengths and interest of each student.


  • All students will participate in Career Technical Education
  • One hundred percent of our students will have an Individual Career Plan which is a component of the Personal Education Plan.
  • All students will graduate prepared to begin a career or attend a post-secondary institution.
  • All students will have an acceptable work attitude.
  • One hundred percent of career offerings will be reflective of current market demands.

Process Strategy

  • We will integrate career technical education into the academic curriculum of each student.
  • We will nurture continuing partnerships with business/industry at large.
  • We will require all students to achieve basic levels of competency in technology.
  • We will ensure the training/retraining of professional staff consistent with the Career Education mission.
  • We will continue to support the character development of each of our students.

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